Rosé and Reservations is a blog with a heart for travel, an eye for fashion, and an appetite for food. Dreamed up by a husband and wife team—she with the eye for all things alluring, he with the brain for logistics—this is a site that hopes to inspire you, whether it be to explore a new place, try a new restaurant, or partake in a little retail therapy.

A note from the authors: What’s up with that name?

First and foremost, we love to travel. But the best part of vacation, no matter where is takes us, is that we’re together. From discovering new locales to re-visiting our old favorites again and again (and again), as long as we’re together, we’re in the right place. But the first step to getting there is, well, to book it. The best way to get started on a new reservation? With a bottle of wine. The best part of our travels relies a lot on anticipation, and we often find ourselves kicked back with a bottle of wine, scrolling through the pages of area guides, restaurant reviews, and incredible blogs that inspire this one, to make the best laid plans possible. We’re planners, dreamers…and drinkers. So we say, “the best travel plans start with a bottle of wine.” Rosé and Reservations—quite a ring to it, don’t you think?

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